Our Company

Thumbprint Educational Software is a not-for-profit company aimed at delivering a free, world-class education to anyone in the world who wants to learn. We have developed a simple, powerful and universal tool that empowers students and teachers to learn, create and share educational content with anyone, anywhere.


Our flagship product is a universal platform for creating, organizing and sharing educational materials of all types, including texts, images, audio, video and quizzes.


By crowdsourcing content creation, we use the collective power of every user to develop the best content possible, and to share it with anyone in the world who wants to learn.

We also work with schools and teachers to help them make the very best use of the Thumbprint app in their own classroom setting, as well as providing a real time reporting tool that measures class interaction, achievement, and progress through the course materials.

The Thumbprint App can be downloaded on the iPad for free on iTunes.
A browser-based version is also available for other users. Let's get started!