Thumbprint gives you the best lessons from around the world.

Lesson plans, quizzes, assignments, videos… If it's on the web, on your computer, or in your head, it can be on Thumbprint. We make it easy for you to create unique lessons plans that speak with your voice. Add content from other applications in seconds, create working quizzes from scratch in minutes and easily link to any web resource you already use.


It's all in Thumbprint.

Need a grade six quiz on Ancient Mesopotamia? A video that explains supply-side economics for intermediate students? An entire unit on dividing with fractions? It’s all here, created, tested and delivered by other teachers. Simply choose the parts that you want to use, and drag them into your own account.

A powerful search engine.

Our search engine lets you sort through posts from other users to find material that will work in your classroom.

Customize content with your style.

Love the quiz, but don’t want to use question six? No problem – just delete that question, or replace it with your own material.


Thumbprint isn't a standardized curriculum.

It’s a way to sort the materials that you use to teach, and to find tools that other teachers are using.


Your work, your credit.

Creative credits travel with the materials, so you always know whose work you’re using. And you can be sure that you’re being credited if someone else uses material you developed.