The Thumbprint Team

We are a dedicated group of individuals who are committed in advancing education. By developing and providing free softwares, we aim to enable teachers and students from all over the world to create, learn and share educational material. 

Graham Porter – CEO

Graham has spent 10 years developing ways to improve human/computer interaction, from call centres to showrooms to classrooms. His overriding goal has been to give users maximum benefit for minimum effort, and to implement technologies that improve outcomes for the end user.

Dovid Kestenbaum – Founder

Dovid has spent 30 years in the classroom pioneering new forms of assessment and instruction. An early advocate of education technology, Dovid has championed tablet computers since their infancy, and used his own classroom as a workshop for designing and evaluating new methods of instruction.

Ralph Alter – Managing Partner

Ralph has spent 10 years working with schools across North America to provide them with cutting-edge educational technology. During that time he has formed strategic partnerships with dozens of schools and boards, identifying their unique needs and providing systems and processes to help them improve educational outcomes.