Thumbprint Email 3.0

Dear Teacher,
Your students need you. You have the ability to inspire curiosity, stoke creativity and foster engagement. Computers are not excited, algorithms are not enthusiastic, and technology isn’t idealistic. Instead of trying to replace you, the tech community should be finding ways to aid you in meeting each student at his or her individual strengths, whether or not they are sitting in your classroom. Source material should be easy for you to access, use, and share, and you should have the last word on whether it’s right for your students or not.
Fortunately for you, there's Thumbprint.

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What is it?
Thumbprint is a crowd-sourced platform that allows teachers and students to create, borrow, modify and share educational content in a simple, drag-and-drop interface that's intuitive and fun to use. The platform supports all languages and specifically supports all languages, including non-western alphabets. A reporting tool works together with the platform that sends teachers analytic information and scores as to how their students are interacting with the material.

What's in it for me?
Depends who you are. If you’re a teacher, Thumbprint is a space for you to store, organize, and edit your existing lessons, tests, quizzes, worksheets, and other materials, and to create new content incorporating whatever format or formats you prefer (text, audio, and video, worksheets & assessments). Any modification you make will also be reflected to all other Thumbprint users who are viewing your material (typically your students) in real time, allowing you to tweak and tinker in class on the fly. Obviously, Thumbprint also keeps track of your students’ participation and scores, and organizes all of it in useful and accessible metrics.

If you’re a student, Thumbprint will change the way you learn forever. Your teacher can make materials available to you based on your specific capabilities, and you can challenge yourself through worksheets, quizzes, and lessons at your own pace. You can also submit your own projects, research findings and compositions, and share them with your friends and teachers. Your teacher may even choose to deliver your homework assignments to you through Thumbprint, so all you ever have to take home with you and bring back the next day is your computer.

The benefit of joining an online community of educators everywhere in the world and being able to draw on educational materials they have created is monumental. Thumbprint will empower you to grab what you like but not bind you to it – you can trim off the parts that don’t serve you and edit what’s left to your liking. As schools continue to access Thumbprint, more materials will be created and thus become available for the network of schools around the world.

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Please try the app out today and let us know what you think. We're always working on ways to make Thumbprint better, and your input means a lot to us.

Thanks for your time,

The Thumbprint Team