That Kevin Costner Movie

"If you build it, they will come."  You know, that line from Field of Dreams?  Someone punch me in the head, please.  I've heard and said that phrase so often over the years.  And we use it, and reuse it, and overuse it, because it perfectly captures the mindset of almost any startup venture, particularly one that depends on creating a community of users.

Maybe I should coin the negative: "If you don't build it, they won't come."  True, but not as pithy.  As we begin to add capacity here, adding space and manpower, there's always the risk of adding too much, growing too fast, and running into trouble.  That would be bad.  But what would be worse would be having a sudden influx of users and schools and not being able to keep up with them.  Having a party no one shows up to is bad.  Having one where they show up, find there's nothing to eat or drink, and leave in a huff - that's worse.

And so we grow, as carefully as we can, and hope we get the balance right.