This week we will be feature complete for the web version of Thumbprint. This still leaves tons of work cleaning, testing, and tweaking, but it's a huge milestone. As of now, if it works in the iOS app, it works in the web app, only it sometimes looks weird or is buggy.  Next week the process of hammering away at it to find and fix bugs begins in earnest, but for now I'm very grateful to the Dev team for staying on-target despite having several unexpected tasks thrown at them over the last few months. Great job gang.

Time to see how we're doing. This week we received our first batch of course materials from schools that are going to start using Thumbprint in the classroom in January. Now begins the exciting and intimidating process of efficiently turning that material into Thumbprint lessons. As with any new process, we learn as we go, but I'm confident that our team can do it and do it well.

In other news, we're adding graphs and charts to our reports, which means a lot of double-checking calculations by hand, but should make for some very useful data for teachers

Some literary cuisine

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