It's been a madhouse around here lately so you're getting a double post today!
Goal: Get our rotation back to normal and keep up this pace!
Featured Article: At some point or another everyone bites off more than they can chew at one time but it's important that we either cut that portion up and hand either hand it off or eat one piece at a time.

Some literary cuisine

 Learning a new language is never as easy as the spy movies make it seem but these tools should give you a little bit of an advantage. Check it out  here

Seems like everyday I'm reading about advancements in virtual reality and digital consciousness. Can you imagine being around forever and living your life on the internet? Tell us your thoughts!

A wise man once said to me 'If you're not taking risks you're not making the right decisions'. Do you agree with this article?

Friday Recap

It's Friday, so here's our weekly roundup of stuff from the Interwebs that's worth reading:

1. Teachers Are Key to Making Technology Work - Agreed.  This was a core value when we built Thumbprint.

2. Education Technology & Smart Classroom Market By (Hardware, Systems, Technologies) Worth $59.90 Billion by 2018 – New Report by Marketsandmarkets - $60 Billion? - I don't think EdTech is a flash in the pan anymore, do you?

3. Technology Poised to Revolutionize Education - Lots of articles on Technology and individualized learning, but this one comes from a city that I love, so it gets the nod.

4. Why Video Games Help The Brain Stay Young - I'd like to think they keep me looking young, too.  Seriously, anyone who actually plays games knows that it's true, and that much of the anti-game hype is uninformed nonsense.

5. Our Self-Inflicted Complexity - The read that should make you stop and think.  Almost every business, almost every business person I know is partially paralyzed by made-up complexity.  It's possible to be incredibly smart and hard working and still end up so mired in this stuff that nothing actually gets done.