Friday Recap

It's Friday, so here's our weekly roundup of stuff from the Interwebs that's worth reading:

1. Teachers Are Key to Making Technology Work - Agreed.  This was a core value when we built Thumbprint.

2. Education Technology & Smart Classroom Market By (Hardware, Systems, Technologies) Worth $59.90 Billion by 2018 – New Report by Marketsandmarkets - $60 Billion? - I don't think EdTech is a flash in the pan anymore, do you?

3. Technology Poised to Revolutionize Education - Lots of articles on Technology and individualized learning, but this one comes from a city that I love, so it gets the nod.

4. Why Video Games Help The Brain Stay Young - I'd like to think they keep me looking young, too.  Seriously, anyone who actually plays games knows that it's true, and that much of the anti-game hype is uninformed nonsense.

5. Our Self-Inflicted Complexity - The read that should make you stop and think.  Almost every business, almost every business person I know is partially paralyzed by made-up complexity.  It's possible to be incredibly smart and hard working and still end up so mired in this stuff that nothing actually gets done.