September 5th Review

Thursday is the day that I look back on our goals for the week and compare them with what we actually did.  The goals themselves get talked about on Tuesday.  So how did we do?

1. Submit 1.0.1 to the App Store - Juggling two app versions and two server versions can be stressful, especially for a tiny company, but we did it.  The server was updated during the day on Wednesday, and the app was submitted overnight.  Now we wait for Apple's response.  1.0 was accepted on the first try, so I'm hopeful we can two-peat.

2. Finish the World History Course - Progress was made, but we won't finish unless we work through the weekend (which we may; we do that a lot).  Why it took longer than expected is informative.  First, it's just Rick and I (be honest - it's just Rick) and we've been squeezing this in between a million other things.  Second, we got into scope-creep almost immediately when I declared "we should add a map to each of these 44 lessons!"  What a great idea, you unrealistic so-and-so.  Finally, to make quizzes that are actually relevant, you kind of need to watch each video all the way through, and the video series is about 9 hours long.  Ultimately, the big unforseen time skink is coming up with the quiz questions.  Once you have them, implementing it is a snap.  But the time spent staring at a blank screen wondering what to ask is harder to measure.

So, some good stuff and some humbling stuff.  That's a pretty good mix.