Goal Review!

It's Thursday.  We've had four days to get stuff done.  So how did we do?

1. 1000 Facebook likes.  We're at 936 and climbing, so if we continue, we should crack that magic number by the beginning of next week.  Not so long ago, I remember ticking over to 100, so thanks to everyone who's decided to join us.  Welcome.

2. New team member.  Sam is a part of the team, and I couldn't be happier.  In fact, she's the one responsible for making sure the words you're reading made it from my Mail app to the actual internet.  Thanks Sam!

3. Course Content.  Work began in earnest today, after spending time earlier in the week making sure everyone had the materials they needed.  Still planning to reach our first development milestones by the end of 



And that's it for now.  Everyone have a happy Halloween.