Goals Review

Reports 1.0 is launched. Now comes the fun part - turning it loose on some users and seeing if it breaks. I usually leave aside 3 weeks for hot fixes - usually someone finds something that got missed in QA and is either boneheaded or nasty. This is normal. Why do you think we have things like iOS 7.0.1 and Windows 8.1 (and Thumbprint 1.0.2)? Sometimes you get lucky, but I don't count on it. By the end of the month we should either be out of the woods or finished with our fixes.

In the meantime, web app development is up and running. We did some preliminary work. A few months ago, and we have some stuff that works, but mostly it's just parts on the shop floor at his point. Next week we can start talking about milestones. If you've got the app (link below) you can follow along at home.