September 26th, Review

It's difficult when you have a team that's working away efficiently and you're the one that's slowing things down, but that's been my deal this week.  I'm currently on day 8 of an incredibly nasty flu that has rendered me next to useless, and been so severe that I've had to cancel meetings, which I never do.  Fortunately I'm part of a team that is completely capable of pulling some extra weight while I lie horizontal in a feverish haze.

The goal recap:
1. 1.0.2 on the App Store.  This is done.
2. Get three new schools on board.  Still at 1, with one meeting rescheduled.  Hopefully I'll be well enough to make my Friday meeting and bring us up to 2.
3. Web login working.  This was finished late last night. Thanks Devs.

There.  Back to bed.