October 10th, Review

It's Thursday.  Time to look at how we've done so far.

1. Development on both the Web version of Thumbprint and the Reporting suite are proceeding very well.  Still a ways to go, but it's nice to see progress.  The iPad app took months before we had anything concrete to play with, so even being able to log in via a browser or see raw reporting data after just a few weeks makes me feel good.

2. Change up on our weekly publishing schedule.  For various reasons I've decided to move the link dump from Friday to Monday, and the editorial from Monday to Friday.  That means the editorial I didn't provide at the beginning of this week will happen tomorrow instead.  I hope this schedule will be better for you.  It will certainly be easier for me.

3. 500 likes. You made it.  I owe you one thank-you song. I have not forgotten. Watch this space.