September 10th Goals

Having had our first "normal" week of work in what feels like decades, the intrepid team gets down to work on the development plan for the next year.  I can't get too detailed at this point, but we're looking at both a version 2 for iOS that includes several features we had to cut from version 1, as we'll as a web-based version of the app.  Android and desktop users rejoice.  Well, not just yet.  We still have a lot of work to do.  Prepare to rejoice, I guess.

The early stages of development are my favorite time. This is the time when we dream big, don't think too much about being realistic, and take in fresh ideas from all corners.  This is the time when we create the internal excitement that will carry us through the rough months down the road when we're tired from looking at buggy code.  This is the time when we take a break from hitting deadlines and try to imagine a better future.

It's also the time when goal lists are hard to write, so I'm going to skip mine for now. Soon enough we'll be back into deliverables and stuff to track.  This week there's one goal: dream big.