September 17, 2013

Tuesday!  Goals!  We're busy around here, so let's get to it:

1. We're launching the revamped version of our website this week.  After the logo, the website was the first customer-facing thing we built.  Now it's the oldest.  Over the last six months our graphic designer, Lisa Wu, has done an amazing job creating a fun visual style for our videos and emails.  Now, finally, the website will reflect all that amazing work.  As soon as Rick sorts all the CSS nonsense out...

2. Treebeard!  We're working on a new architecture for the Thumbprint data that will allow us to start gathering richer data on how students are using the app.  What this will mean for the future, it's too soon to say.  But the pieces are starting to fall into place so that we can start asking and answering some interesting questions.