September 24, 2013

Tuesday.  Is it Tuesday?  This week has been nuts.  It feels like NEXT Tuesday.  Anyway.  Goals.

1. Get Thumbprint 1.0.2 up on the App Store.  Well, it's done already.  Despite horror stories on the Interwebs about app rejections, my little team is 3 for 3.  Good job, guys.

2. Get 3 schools to agree to install Thumbprint on their iPads.  Currently one down, two to go on this one.  If you're reading this, and you'd like to be one of the other two, send us an email:

3. Hook up web login to the Thumbprint DB.  This is the first of about 84,729 steps required to release a browser version of Thumbprint.  By then end of this week we should be out of basic research and into a mix of R&D and actual coding.