September 3rd Goals

It's been quite a week (quite a year).  Thumbprint version 1.0 is now available on the App Store.  If you have an iPad, search for Thumbprint and give it a try.

So after all of that, my team took the week off and played paintball, right?

Wrong.  We took Labour Day off, then got right back up on the horse.

This weeks goals:

1. Submit the 1.01 patch to the App Store for approval.  This fixes a couple of rare but serious issues that could cause a user to lose some data.  It also dramatically improves performance for users looking at extremely large collections (like the one we built with over 400 quizzes in it).  I'm excited about this release.  Sometimes 1.01 releases are furious scrambles to keep the app from exploding on launch.  This is much, much calmer.  We're catching a few things, making it run more smoothly, and hopefully delivering a build that users can enjoy for quite awhile.

2. Build out a complete survey course on World History.  I love history.  I love Crash Course.  I love Thumbprint.  This week we put them all together into a sample set of lessons that history or social studies students can use to get up to speed on What Happened Earlier.  For teachers, it gives them some raw materials to play with - Grab the bits you like, modify to your hearts' content, and share them with your students.  By the end of this week, a search for "world history" should give you some helpful results.

I'd like to do a project of this scale every week for the next few months, but we're a small company with a lot of irons in the fire, so that's a goal, not apromise.  We'll do our best.