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A new year, some new goals. I'm tempted to put "learn to write 2014 instead of 2013 on cheques" at the top of the list, but let's aim a little higher:

  1. We're very close to a read-only version of the web app, where users can log in, view stuff and take quizzes. There's still tons to do after that, but it's a nice milestone to reach.
  2. Final preparations for our first round of pilot schools wraps up this week. Content and setup is nearly complete, and starting next week we'll have real classes torture-testing both the app and reports with their own content. The next few days will be spent going over everything three times to make sure nothing got missed.

The snowbank beside the parking lot here has over 10,000 cubic feet of snow in it, and that was before the blizzard warning. Hope it's sunny where you are.